The Red Foundation was registered in Paris, France on 6th January 2018 as a non-profit association.


The Red Foundation will have a two-level structure; a board of administrators (the officers) and an operational board (the board of directors).

Board of Administrators

The Board of Administrators is made up of three officers; Nenad Rakocevic (President), Fran├žois Jouen (Vice-President) and Azouz Guizani (Treasurer). They collectively and individually have a duty of care towards the Red Foundation and are accountable for the actions of The Red Foundation. Their accountability is to the courts of France.

The Board of Administrators is a self-perpetuating body. It has the sole authority to appoint any new officers should the need arise.

The Board of Administrators will delegate full respsonsibility for the running of the Red Foundation to an operational board. This delegation will be through a scheme of delegation officially adopted by the Board of Administrators.

Operations Board

The Operations Board is responsible for running the Red Foundation in accordance with the scheme of delegation in order to meet the aims and objectives of the Red Foundation. In light of their accountability, the Board of Administrators will be soley responsible for making appointments to the Operations Board.

Official appointments to the Operations Board can only be made once the Board of Administrators officially agrees on the scheme of delegation. An interim Operations Board, consisting of Nenad Rakocevic, Gregg Irwin and Peter Wood, will start preparations for the operation of the Red Foundation.

Membership of the Red Foundation

Membership and voting details have yet to be developed. This will be one of the first jobs of the Operations Board.